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2 things! about flash and my flash career

2009-01-19 23:53:06 by dyerector

OK! so just letting everyone know that volcomsk8r12 is offic. dead and gone... well not really but im taking over from where he left of...actually, I am him; but i digress... FORMALLY KNOWN AS VOLCOMSK8R12!!! but I thought the name sounded too 14 yr old-ish and im 19 now so yea. Ok so one final animation will be logged under volcom's name which is the castle crashers collab, which took too damn long and almost thought it was dead twice, but I just finished my 2nd part for the collab in a weekend's time and is lengthier than my original piece lol, so I think im improving my animation skills /flex yea baby. anyways expect many amateur projects to come out of my hands in the coming year, lol maybe ill get better in that time so I dont have to call them amateur. anyways DyeRector signing out peace flashers.

2 things! about flash and my flash career


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2009-01-20 00:09:15

ok peace fellow flasher